Soundcloud For Everyone

These days there is a lot of different online resources to show your music talent. We are missing by using an intense look to figure out resources which will work for different genre & Disc jockey’s moreover to those platforms that would unquestionably deliver you with the finest control more than your existing network. At this time within our prospect we’ve soundcloud to live our dreams. Many people think that there are many sites like soundcloud but they are totally wrong because soundcloud is totally innovative and different from others. For example, if you are doing Dubsteps, you will end up with rare sites.
A rare site can’t help you in building traffic because they don’t have that for themselves too so make sure to check out and see their plans. But soundcloud is popular and it is for every artist; DJ’s, rappers, musicians, podcasters, etc. Anything …

Baby Einstein Baby’s First Sounds DVD

When my oldest child turned one, she was given a Baby Einstein DVD. It was the first television she was exposed to and we have since purchased almost the entire collection. At 3, she now watches the Little Einstein DVD’s. The baby just turned one and now he gets a little face time with the TV.

I was excited to view Baby’s First Sounds: Discoveries for Little Ears by Baby Einstein since I have seen most of the other videos a hundred times. The baby is saying his first few words and I was optimistic that this movie would reinforce the sounds that he is beginning to utter.

While I sing high praises for the other DVD’s in the collection, I have to say that Baby’s First Sounds was a bit of a miss for me.

The DVD is true to Baby Einstein form in that there is …

Filtrete Healthy Housekeeping

I have such bad allergies and dust and pollen are the main culprits. I do what I can to keep my home free of these triggers. Some of the things I do include covering our mattresses with allergen barriers and washing sheets in hot, hot water each week. I try to get people to take shoes off when coming in so that outdoor pollutants aren’t tracked throughout the house. And an area that I insist on is using the best furnace filters to keep dust from circulating through the air.

The first time I requested the Filtrete filters, my husband balked at the price. They are a bit more expensive. But it’s one area where I know we can have some control.

Laura Dellutri, author of The Overworked Mom’s Stress Free HomekeepingThe Overworked Mom’s Stress Free Homekeeping, offers these suggestions for keeping your home not only clean, but …

VTech MobiGo Sneak Peek

VTech sent us the new MobiGo gaming system to try out before it hit the market. This gaming system is for ages 3 to 8.

What makes the MobiGo different from other similar systems is the slide out QWERTY keyboard. Kids these days learn keyboarding at a much earlier age than we did (high school typing class, lol!).

Unlike similar systems, this one does not have a stylus. For kids who are used to their parents’ iPhones and the touch screen technology, they will quickly pick this up. My husband says he likes that it doesn’t have a stylus that could break or get lost.

My son who turned three this month loves playing with it. He is very adept with gaming systems between my iPhone and his sister’s Leapster2, so he had no problem picking it up quickly.

You can choose two game levels: easy or difficult. …

New from Pepperidge Farm

If you have preschool kids, you no doubt have Pepperidge Farm Goldfish crackers in your pantry. If your child has eaten way too many of the cheddar variety or if you would like to change things up a bit, they have recently come out with Vanilla Goldfish Grahams, which are made with whole grains and real vanilla. They don’t have artificial preservatives and less than 10% of a serving’s calories are from saturated fat.

What did we think? My son, who loves graham crackers, really liked them. I thought they weren’t overly sweet (a good thing) and they were nice and crunchy. We’re all about crunchy snacks! Of course the small goldfish-shaped graham crackers are easy to throw in a container and take along or put in our favorite snack cup (the Munchie Mug).

So there’s a new snack for the kids, but what about us moms?

Pepperidge …

Simply… Go-Gurt

When I recently visited General Mills Headquarters and cooked in THE Betty Crocker Kitchens, I had a laundry list of changes that I, as a parent trying to put wholesome food on the table, wanted to see them implement. One of my big, big concerns was HFCS and artificial colors in kids yogurt. My kids eat yogurt almost daily and I want to give them the best I can.

I’m not sure if General Mills actually listened to my concerns or if this was already in the works, but they have just come out with Simply… Go-Gurt which has, you guessed it:
No high fructose corn syrup
No artificial colors
No artificial flavors
MyBlogSpark asked if I would like to give this new yogurt a try. Of course I had to say yes.

I took my coupon to the store and I was thrilled that the Simply… Go-Gurt …